Manuel Alvarez Diestro (Santander, 1972) is a visual artist working with photography and film. His main interest is to explore mankind place in the landscape and in the contemporary city. Manuel combines this activity with the travel industry

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Other leading design publications, DEZEEN (3 articles), FUBIZ (3 articles), BOOMDESIGN (7 articles) and Arquitectura Viva (12 articles)


ASIA HOTEL ART FAIR 2018, "Boxification", 23- 27 Aug, 2018, Intercontinental Grand Seoul Hotel, South Korea
PALBOK ART FACTORY, "Boxification", July 2018, Jeonju, South Korea
CAVERNA DE LA LUZ, “El fantasma en la maquina”, curated by Lidia Gil, Jan 2018, Santander, Spain
FUNDACION VALVI, “Natural”, curated by Magui Noguer, June 2015, Gerona, Spain
BACKLIGHT PHOTO FESTIVAL, “Distant Natures” curated by Tuula Alajoki, Oct-Nov 2014, Tampere, Finland
JUST AFRICA, “Kairo”, curated by Olof Lof, 28 Jan to 21 Mar 2012, Stockholm, Sweden
CAIRO MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, “Trazos de Identidad”, Oct 2010, Cairo, Egypt

BOHUSLANS MUSEUM, “Egypten revolution”, 28jan to 04 Mar 2012, Uddevella, Sweden
ARTE LISBOA 2010, from 24 Nov to 28 Nov 2010, Lisboa, Portugal
FORO SUR 2010, Iberoamerican Festival of Contemporary Art”, april 2010, Caceres, Spain
MUSEUM OF THE MEDITERRANEAN, "Waste Collection" May 2010, Stockholm, Sweden
ARTE SANTANDER 2009, from 22 to 26 July, Santander, Spain
Del Sol St. Gallery, “at this moment”, from 19 june to 11 july 2009, Santander, Spain
FILM FESTIVALS (short films)

“THE TRADER”, Zoom International Film Festival, Feb 2018, Jalenia Gora, Poland
“THE TRADER”, Festival Internatiional du Film de Nancy, Sep 2017, Nancy, France
“THE TRADER”, Brooklyn Film Festival, Jun 2017, New York, USA
“THE TRADER”, Ischia Film Festival, Jun 2017, Ischia, Italy
“THE TRADER”, Pielagos en Corto Film Festival, May 2017, Pielagos, Spain
“THE TRADER”, Cine Autopsia, May 2017, Bogota, Colombia
“THE TRADER”, Cine Autopsia, May 2017, Bogota, Colombia
“THE TRADER”, Ecozine Film Festival, Apr 2017, Zaragoza, Spain
“THE TRADER”, Fargo Film Festival, Mar 2017, Fargo, USA
“THE TRADER”, Speechless Film Festival, Apr 2017, Mankato, USA
“THE TRADER”, Portland International Film Festival, Mar 2017, Portland, USA
“THE TRADER”, MVFF hosted by the California Film Festival, San Rafael, USA
“THE TRADER”, Festival International de Cine Silente Nov 2016, Puebla, Mexico
“Displacements”, Montenegro Film Festival, aug 2015, Herceg Novi, Montenegro
“Displacements”, Teheran Silent International Film Festival, Apr 2015, Teheran, Iran
“Displacements”, Regensburg International Film Festival”, 25 March, 2015
“Displacements”, Chicago Underground Film Festival”, 17th May 2015, Chicago, USA
“Displacements”, Little Rock Film Festival, 12th May 2015, Little Rock, USA
“Displacements”, Zoom International Film Festival, Feb 2015, Jalenia Gora, Poland
“Displacements”, Fargo Film Festival”, 28 Feb 2015, Fargo, USA
“Displacements”, Oxford International Film Festival, 28Feb 2015, Oxford, USA
“Displacements”, Exground Filmfest, Nov 2014, Wiesbaden, Germany
“Displacements”, Greenfest Film Festival Nov Oct 2014, Belgrade, Serbia
“Displacements”, Luksuz Film Festival, 5th Dec, 2015, Krsko, Slovenia
“Displacements”, UK Film Festival, Nov 2014, London UK
“Displacements”, Southampton International Film Festival, Oct 2014, Southampton, UK
“Displacements”, Ponferrada Film Festival, Oct 2014, Leon, Spain
“Displacements”, Cine de Septiembre, Oct 2014, Mazatlan, Mexico
“Displacements”, Shorts Shorts Film Festival, Sep 2014, Mexico DF, Mexico
“Displacements”, “Seoul International New Media”, Sep 2014, Seoul, South Korea
“Displacements”, Guanajuato International Film Festival, Aug 2014, Guanajuato, Mexico
“Displacements”, Festival de Cinema de Girona, Aug 1014, Girona, Spain
“Displacements”, IVAHM 14 - International Video Art House, June 2014, Madrid, Spain
“Displacements”, “Perth Revelation Film Festival”, Aug 2014, Perth, Australia
“Displacements”, Frozen Film Festival, July 2014, San Francisco, USA
“Displacements”, Concorto Film Festival, 25 October 2014, Piacenza, Italy
“Displacements”, Festival de Cine Ciudad de Astorga, Sep 2015, Astorga, Spain
“Displacements”, London Independent Film Festival, apr 2014, London, UK
“Displacements”, Belgrade Documentary and Shorts Film Festival, 2-6 Apr 2014, Serbia
“Displacements”, Speechless Film Festival, 20-22 March, Mankato USA
“Displaceents”, Festival International du Film d´environnement, 4-11feb 2014, Paris. France
“Never Again This Flower”, Malaga International Film Festival, March 2014, Malaga, Spain
“Never Again This Flower”, Molodist International Film Festival, Oct 2013 Kiev, Ukraine,
“Never Again This Flower”, ZINEBI, Nov 2013 Bilbao, Spain
“Never Again This Flower”, ABYCINE 2013, 25oct - 01Nov 2013, Albacete, Spain
“Never Again This Flower, Bunter Hund short film Festival, October 2013, Munich, Germany
“Displacements”, “Message to Man Film Festival”, 21-28 Sept 2013, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Created collaboration between Jeonju International Film Festival (South Korea), Jeonju City and the airline British Airways and screen Korean short-films on British Airways commercial flights across the world during Sept 2018.

Best Experimental Film for THE TRADER, Oxford International Film Festival, Feb 2017, USA
Best Experimental Film for THE TRADER, Festival Internacional de Cine Silente , Nov 2016, Puebla, Mexico
Special Mention for THE TRADER, Fargo Film Festival, Mars 2017
Jury Prize III, Short Waves Film Festival, Poznan, Poland, 2015
Special Mention for Displacements, Cap Spartel Film Festival, Tangier, Morocco, 2015
Winner Best Experimental Short-film, for Displacements, SPEECHLESS FILM FESTIVAL, Mankato USA, 2014
First Accessit in Short-film for Displacements “Nueva Creacio”, GIRONA FILM FESTIVAL, Girona Spain, 2014
Best Editing in short documentary for Displacements, Southampton Film Festival, Southampton UK, 2014
Special Mention for Displacements, Greenfest Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia 2014
Finalist for Never Again This Flower”, “Architecture section” Ponferrada Film Festival, Spain 2014
Winner Best Experimental Film for Displacements, Lyon International Film Festival
“Pyramids”, PHE 2012, May, Madrid, Spain
Winner with Algiers Parabolic Facades, “Log journal” First Postcard Competition, New York, 2009

Museum of Modern Art, Santander (MAS)
Fundacion Valvi
Manuel became Honorary Citizen in the city of Jeounju, South Korea, Sep 2017